Knowledge Through Experience

BYPY Transmissions has been the sole distributor for Bondioli & Pavesi Power take off shafts for over 20 years and is the only distributor that sells nothing but P.T.O shafts for Australian agricultural market making them the true specialists in its field

With the most comprehensive parts list for the Genuine Bondioli & Pavesi range of power take off shafts you can be assured that BYPY Transmissions can cater for almost any application involving a P.T.O shaft.

Knowledge is best achieved through experience and the BYPY team have the knowledge to help you make the right decision when deciding on the best power take shaft for your needs.

With the backing of the worlds leading manufacturer (Bondioli & Pavesi) BYPY Australia can provide you with a power take shaft that will suit almost any application no matter if it’s in concept of new implement that you are designing, or improving the life span of an existing Power take off shaft.