BYPY Transmissions together with Bondioli & Pavesi pride itself on the safety features of their power take off shafts. The philosophy on safety is simple. The cover assembly you choose can save your life, or not. You must fit a genuine safety shield to any power take off shaft to ensure you are maximizing the safety of the person using the equipment. Too many times over the years people have been killed or seriously injured by not fitting a genuine safety shield or having no safety shield on a power take off shaft. Each size of power take off has a specific size cover assembly that has been tried and tested internationally to best protect the operator.

Bondioli & Pavesi manufacture power take off shaft cover assemblies that exceed the toughest international safety standards. With cover assemblies that do not rotate whilst the shaft is spinning, to cover assemblies with specific greasing points to increase the life of the safety guard.  All your  safety requirements can be catered for.

BYPY Transmissions also offers the individual parts for a cover assembly from the clip to the bell housing thus minimizing your costs for safety.


Bondioli Pavesi Forcella RTBondioli Pavesi Forcella Pulsante Fronte