Heavy duty new PTO shafts from Bondioli & Pavesi

For 40 years Bondioli & Pavesi driveline products have been proving themselves by facing up to the harsh conditions on Australian farms. Now Australian distributor BYPY Transmissions is proud to announce the introduction of two new PTO shafts from the world-renowned Italian manufacturer.

The two new shafts are the SFT SK series and the SFT SH CV series. The SFT SK is a low angulation PTO shaft rated at 272 kW (370hp) while the SFT SH CV is a high angulation shaft rated 147 kW (200hp).

BYPY manager Richard Baker says over the past 60 years PTO shaft technology has been evolving to keep up with the demands of ever larger and more powerful tractors and the new Bondioli & Pavesi shafts take this to the next stage.

"As Australian farms, implements and tractors have grown bigger, Australian farmers need a big PTO shaft that will cope with power outputs up of 300hp+ tractors. Bondioli & Pavesi's new shafts are designed to meet this demand and they have already successfully passed extensive testing in the Australian environment," Richard Baker says.

The SFT SK Series is a large, durable shaft with a unique ball collar connection. Four balls seat into the ring-shaped groove on the gearbox input shaft and the tractor output shaft. This provides security and makes the SFT SK easy to fit onto your tractor.

Richard Baker says the quality and size of steel used to manufacture the yokes ensures the universal joint delivers the ultimate performance. This performance may only be obtained with correct alignment of the large needle rollers onto the universal trunions.

The universal is 50 x 140 mm and has two end cap grease nipples. The special sealing on the caps ensures that lubricant remains within the needle rollers during operation and at the same time purges contaminants during lubrication of the universal. This universal has been manufactured to handle power up to 370 kW (500hp).

"The outer drive tube has dimension of 74.10 x 6.00 mm, which is an increase of 2.00mm in wall thickness on the popular S0 and SH series. The inner tube is manufactured from solid bar. Both these parts have been heat treated and transmittable power has increased to 11,000 Nm," Richard Baker says.

"Safety covers on SFT SK shafts are compact - the outer cone is just 210mm in diameter - providing easy access to all greasing points. The covers cover the end of the inner yokes and chains are fitted to both the inner cover and the outer cover for safety identification.

"Like all Bondioli & Pavesi product, the SFT SK shafts comply with the European Union's CE safety standard, the most stringent in the world." Richard Baker says the second new shaft, the SFT SH CV, is designed for high angulation operation. It has a 'Constant Velocity' that can operate for short periods at up to 80 degrees.

"This shaft is similar to that of the SFT SK series but with smaller dimensions. The central body assembly of the CV shaft has bridged yokes and a 34 mm ball on each yoke ensures correct alignment once the large universals are fitted.

"These universals are 34.9 x 110 mm and have a grease nipple fitted to one of the end caps for easy lubrication. This provides a shaft that may be operated at angles up to 80 degrees.

You can fit the yokes to the implement end of the shaft with a 42 x 107.5 mm universal. This end of the shaft may also have fitted with many Bondioli & Pavesi clutches. As the tubing on a CV shaft is always telescoping the inner tube is coated with Rilsan (Teflon) which prolongs the life of the member to help prevent seizure.

The covers provide for easy access to all grease nipples and again fitted with safety chains that identify the safety of the shaft. The CV end the cover is convoluted to enable the movement of the CV assembly.

BYPY Transmissions is the only Australian Company that specialises in driveline systems.

For more information call BYPY Transmissions, the 'Professionals in Motion' on 03 9794 5889 or 1800 003 793, or e-mail: bypy@bypy.com.au.

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